Its ok to be angry. Let me explain - By Coach Mike Collier

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Its ok to be angry. Let me explain.
In many cases where someone was a victim of assault, a robbery, a rape, a murder, there was a moment of denial. This isn’t happening to me. This can’t be happening.
The reality is this: violence does not care what your background is. Violence doesn’t care if you are a pacifist. Violence doesn’t care if you are a third degree black belt in whatever.
But there will come a moment when you must choose. Choose to accept the situation you are in or choose to be a victim.

You have the right to fight. You are deserving enough to live. There is nothing more valuable than you.
It’s my job and my passion to help prepare people to defend their lives if ever encountered with sudden violence.

Tony Blauer describes this perfectly in his videos and posts about indignation and allowing yourself to say ‘how dare you threaten my life?’

This does not mean you become some wild animal and act out of rage. It’s a skill to know how to harness that fear factor and turn yourself into a human weapon.
Luckily for you, you already possess that skill.

It’s our job to help you discover what’s already inside you and be able to employ it at any time. Hopefully that time never comes, but if it should, you can be ready.

Our next workshop is coming up Sept 14th. Visit our website for details. You’re worth it.

Daniel Miller